Manuel Guerzoni San Francisco Photographer


Our world is odd to me.  I am not sure how we got to this point, but I find myself exploring it with a combination of fascination and nostalgia.  I wonder what should have been, could have been or what once was.  I love telling the story of my findings by bringing viewers along a progressive series of images.


Photography for me is a tool to record and document my experiences.  They are a reflection of me and how I perceive the world around me.  My work can be seen on this website,  in galleries and museums across the United States.


I shoot with a Leica M and a 35mm lens. Occasionally, for wider angle images, I  use a Canon DSLR with a 16mm lens. I use Adobe Photoshop to process my images for color, cropping and format conversion.



manuelguerzoniphoto at gmail dot com